Founded in Stockholm 2014 as Remedy Lane by Marcus Damsgaard Jensen (drums), Daniel Larsson (Vocals and guitar), Hampus "Haitch" Söderberg (Bass and vocals) and Andreas Löfstand (Lead-guitar); Currents Will Shift is a band with roots in Alternative-Metal and Post-Grunge.
Under the band's previous name Remedy Lane, we have made some releases including:
 The first EP, "Second Chance" which was released 2014 by the original line-up, and
 our second EP, "The Monster" which was released 2016 and featured a five-man line-up including lead-guitarist Fredrik Andresson.
The band Currently consists of Daniel Larsson (Vocals, Guitars, Programming) and Hampus "Haitch" Söderberg (Vocals, Bass, Guitar, misc.).

Welcome to our passion!